Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Con on the Cobb, day 3

5.11.06, 0845 (GMT-6)
Not hungry in the slightest , in fact a little hung over, I am done typing up things from some notes that I have been making. Peryton has decided to wake up without me kicking her backside. We are packing up our car by 1115am, only 15 minutes late this time, my significant other points out when I sigh heavily.

We spend most of time in the Dealer's room where we discover that an art auction has going on all week-end and that bidding ended ten minutes ago. I thought we started bidding at 1130am so there is some confusion, and though I am not making a fuss, someone recognizes that I am looking to buy a couple pieces, and the time is extended. I buy some pieces and get permission to republish the stuff for Peryton Publishing. And through this process we meet Meg Lyman, who is actually as excited as we are though Peryton and I are trying to look cool and professional. I so want Meg to illustrate my under-sea fantasy stuff. She has a nice knack for it, but it isn't her main motif.

Been playing around as the timer for an artists "Quick Draw." Four artists draw pictures in a set time limit after a topic has been agreed upon. A bit of fun and we conversate more with the people we have been chatting up all week end. Finally just before 2pm my appetite returns and Peryton walk over to the mexican place.

After finishing up lunch-dinner, I convince Peryton to pose for a cheesy picture with Meg Lyman holding the illustration between the two of them. Sadly though Meg is long gone. It's almost 3pm and I have to work the up-coming evening at 7pm. We decide to slip out the side door and are all smiles as we head back to Cleveland.

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