Monday, February 21, 2011

Two Tickets for Tacos at Midnight- Part Two "The Ass End of a Hotel."

Having had some time to walk around and do some early convention site seeing, I was at the table where I was supposed to be running about 40 minutes before the official start time. JerryTel had indeed decided to stay and was ready for for the near-traditional Friday night Tunnels and Trolls game. Peryton had wasted no time in finding a new Dr. Who RPG source book to buy and bring back to the table. With luck, a fellow by the name of Trevor, Tre-Pod from now on, jumped onto the table at 7pm as no one had shown up for his game, and so it began.
I was running "The Lost Pyramid" a scenario that I have been working on since about 2004, which for inexplicable reasons I never finished. But thanks to sheer determination in the months before BASHCon, and some beer on Friday morning, the notes had come together nicely. JerryTel and Peryton both had established T&T characters who had adventured together. Tre-Pod runs a podcast on gaming at Alexis Dragon Tavern Podcast, which might be the reason why he was an awesome player. He read through some of the rules while listening to my shortcuts through character generation, and surprised my by creating a Specialist Type, the Type catch-all from 7th edition that makes me normally cringe, with a strong idea as how he wanted to play it as well as a willingness to listen to my rulings as to how we would achieve it. He also played a great troll in a low-key manner that didn't turn into a munchkin study.

Just before 11pm the game was going awesome for both the players and me, and we were right on track for being done a few minutes before midnight. I took a break for five minutes ready to resume and head into the adventure's climax. Unfortunately the building couldn't take the energy pull for my massive talents as a GM so the power went out. Everyone decided that we would finish the adventure after our morning games in the morning. And with that we called it a night.

Back at the hotel, the room proved to unsurprising, because as I was forcing myself to relax, I was still pretty charged for the great session of T&T earlier, someone came into the adjoining exercise room at 12am, and decided that watching the Roseanne show on Nick at Night while futzing along on a treadmill was great idea. It only took the staff forty minutes to respond to my request that she turn down the volume of the TV. How did I know the exercising party was a female, I heard every sound that she made when she walked in that room.


Not sure what time that I drifted off, but I was awake again at 3:30am. "The Lost Pyramid" had woken me, and I was having no rest until I added a couple more notes. This process was done at 6:40am, and I was suddenly very fatigued, and my next game was scheduled for 9am. So it was time for my Extreme Napping ability-- where I wake myself up at or near preset sets of times periods, don't ask me how I do it, but I can. I was able to tell Peryton when it was time for her to get up and get ready without having to hurry through her dolling up process. And with that I told her to wake me when she was ready to go, and let myself drift into a deeper sleep. I actually was awake before she was done, mostly because of her hair dryer and someone else watching TV and talking on a cell phone in the Exercise Room. Still, we were on time getting out the door and to the convention.

Well no one showed up for my "Glow" scenario, so I jumped in on Peryton's "Fiend Folio Frenzy" for the Peryton RPG, and I got to play a Templar saving a foreign land from itself one killing at a time. The other player was playing a wizard, and the guy having decided that the pre-made character was not up to his standards had replaced certain spells with other more useful ones in his mind. For some reason, the guy kept rolling his eyes as I would hack and slash my way through everything, but since we couldn't speak to anybody, as he'd gotten rid of his "Comprehend Language" spell for another "Magic Missile" slot I am not sure how he planned to actually get into deeper role-playing. Peryton, herself, was having fun watching two PC's muck about as she is prone to do. Still the adventure was fun, and from the other player I learned that Peryton had made some unconventional changes to the creatures of the "official" Fiend Folio, which he listed in detail. I couldn't help but thinking that her changes made the creatures more interesting than the ones the fellow was describing, in some depth.

At around 1:30pm, JerryTel and Trev-Pod had found Peryton and me, so the four of us started finishing "the Lost Pyramid." At roughly 2:45, the adventure had been completed, and everyone was still rather charged and happy during the wrap up. It had been a fun game, and the details that I added were a bit rough around the edges, but were still received well. The demon was exercised. Everyone had other afternoon sessions, so I decided to drag Peryton back to the hotel for a nap session before the evening events.

Back at the room, I discovered that we were near the housekeeping staff's closet as well as the Exercise Room. I still think I got around 40 minutes of sleep, while learning the more intimate details of a housekeeper's fourth, not third nor fifth, pregnancy. But if her husband fools around on her again, I say that she get some outside action herself...

I think Peryton was passing the time by reading her Dr. Who books like scripture...

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