Saturday, October 04, 2014

Oct 3rd: Weird Science

As part of my Halloween checklist, I listed "Watching a Hammer Horror flik with Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing in it." Well, I can't say that I've done that just yet, but what we have watched is Worldwide Pictures's "The Creeping Flesh." While for Pery it was her first time watching the movie, it was like my third time watching a totally different film that I had seen before. It was still a good time, despite the release having edited out of the more disturbing parts (I'd call them insightful) of the work and some post-production scenes added, prolly tens years after it really released. 

I could go on about how Lovecraftian the flik is, or how it is a smartly written Gothic tragedy, but I won't. It's a decent horror and Peter Cushing and Christopher is at the top of their game. The writers get a grip on the crux of sex for women without exploiting the lead actress, while having fun with the shallower tropes of the scientific-minded in film since about 1906

But what is so much fun about the film, is the fact that stereotypes are not dated.

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