Saturday, September 23, 2006

Re-Writing, it's not just meat and potatoes.

Revising notes, re-writing pieces on scrap paper, and sometimes re-envisioning a lot of material can be pretty daunting. I am really working hard at getting Athebes ready on time after loosing a lot of material. I am reminded of writing short stories and plays back in the mid-80's, when the write out started on paper, scratching out this or that part and adding some improved phrasing or sequencing, got typed up on a manual typewriter where some more re-writing took place, to complete a first draft. And the writing mag's at the time suggested only sending off a story for consideration after three or four drafts. Luckily that never stopped me from sending out seriously improperly prepared works for consideration, otherwise I never would have any plays produced, nor the few articles or stories published, after my first three weeks of "writing." Then again as any of my "editors" will tell you, I am a horrible "writer", that just happens to be an interesting enough "story-teller" to sully their reputation by allowing me to get past them.

Athebes though is, if only by accident, benefiting from the re-writing process though.
I am averaging about a page and a half per day, jumping back and forth between the various sections of the work to keep myself from getting bored. Luckily I have four sections of very different tones and setting details to keep me from feeling like the project is work. And then Cream Trumpet and Dandelion or another artist will come along with a great drawing for it and amaze with me with their interpretation of an aspect of the Primal Land. Will it be on time, well it's probably going to be around 75 pages and I am getting out 1 to 2 pages a day, at about 37 as I type this, and I have a couple other works that must get done before November, one for Shippy's Hobbit Hole and a new adventure for the Ruin Quest play-tester at Con on the Cob,so it's kind of dicey. But it's fun trying.

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