Thursday, April 10, 2008

We're all tempermental artists.

Just finished up my contributions to Peryton Publishing's Troll Tunnels short story collection. Nice to know that I can finish narrative fiction still, after so many RPG pieces. Flavia, one of many Perytons it would seem, is working with a rather difficult and frustrating Ken St. Andre trying to get the introduction to the collection finished. He didn't have the time to read the stories I sent him months ago, and then suddenly decided that a table of contents just wasn't enough information to say anything productive. So the lady is stepping in to capsulize the pieces contained in our collection. And I have been receiving emails from the original Peryton pop-star and our friend, Georg Hemprich, about us helping distribute his latest CD here in the States. All the while he gets to tease me about my ever-worsening German and I get a free CD out of the deal. How many other RPG's get their own rockstars? Of course I think it'd be better phrased, how many rockstars have their own RPG? As it happens that Georg came first.

Speaking of Ken St. Andre, still one of my favorite writers even if he is giving me grief and headaches of recent, I just read in an article that he wrote circa 1977, available in the Outlaw Press A History Guide to Tunnels and Trolls, that he finds it easy to write female protagonists in his works of fiction. Which is an odd thing because my two most re-occurring characters, so naturally the two that will be appearing in the Troll Tunnel, of the last two decades, Rjinn, the Swords-Arm, and Sash, the Green, are both female. I really did not notice the tendency in Ken's writing until just two days ago when I read the article. And though I have met with the esteemed author, we never have spoke about writing beyond what was next in plans for T&T game stuff. What can I say, talented and creative minds think a like. That said, I think it's time to work on my other characters Krassus Rustysword and Pot-Belly the Barbarian for a couple tales, just to keep from becoming a one-trick pony so to speak.

So what's next for me? I've got to get the TAG POW! product out and about. Thanks to all the GM's who have been helping my play-test and play around with the character generation. And we're planning on doing a collection of short stories set in the Superhero/ Super-Villain fantastic genre. And Monk and I are still crafting along WHAP!. Mind you, POW! and WHAP! will probably be the last games where I use onomatopoeia as the titles, but I think the titles work nicely, don't you? But for the rest of the month, I think I'll lounge around working on Krassus Rustysword a bit here and there, play some City of Heroes and/or Civilization, and work with the artists helping POW!'s Tripod City come to life.

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