Saturday, November 22, 2008

Temple of The Fire Monkey, Birthday Edition

Michael Larsen, whom we call "Monk," sometimes "Monkey 450", sometimes "One of many Monkeys," is Peryton Publishing's newest writer. Since his birthday is today I thought I'd give a quick biography. Ever since he failed in his bid to get into the NBA, he has been trying to change the direction of his life. For two years he pestered the people who run the "True Dungeon" at GenCon to play a halfling thief in one of their adventures, but for some reason he has not been contacted as of yet. Failing that he has been trying to become a stormtrooper for the 501st Imperial Legion, but no one has found a stormtrooper uniform tall enough for him– though they did find a great Hammerhead outfit that fit .

After a brief stint with the Firefly TV series, he plays a pillar/gangplank on the spaceship Serenity, he had to leave Hollywood after a scandalous dealing with co-star Jewel Staite, which we are not allowes to discuss in detail pending the trial. He was not selected to reprise his role in the Serenity motion picture needless to say. Once again adrift in the wilderness, Mike was seen frequenting many smaller game conventions where he and partner Mike Stackpole won the "Dwarf Bowling" championships for three years in a row. It was at the tail end of a binge for one of these championship celebrations, where he mistook me, Tom K. Loney, as his dwarf bowling ball and we became friends after a bit of yelling and explanation.

Mike has reformed his wild ways, especially after joining Peter Mahew's Furry Affinity Chapel of Enlightened Truth, and finding his "inner hippo." He was overjoyed at not having to wear a Hammerhead outfit to "fit in," to quote him. He now focuses his intensity and creative energy into making role-playing products and sandals for single lower leg amputees of America. His works include Wildly Heroic Action Pulp roleplaying tales, the forthcoming TAG's Rock and Roleplaying (set in the 1950's), many short stories to be published, and something known as the Half Birkenstock line of sandal wear.

Happy Birthday Monk, hope you like the biographical write up.

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