Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Getting about that time...

Productive, grindstone, and massive amounts of work come to mind when I think of my life of late. And then there's my actual job for a paycheck, not just my writing. Overtime at baseball games as well the regular hour to 90 minutes OT on top of every other regular work shift. But can't say that it is not fun and doesn't have its perks, who else gets to read works by Ken St Andre before the rest of the world on his days off; OR watch fireworks from directly below their explosions while being paid time and half?

PeryPub has had enough material laying around the place that we have been trying to get a bit out and in public almost every two weeks since April. Luckily, Christine Crabb, let's call her C-Crab just for fun, at least until she complains, has come on board as a managing editor, which has been a godsend for both Peryton and and me. Monk is still working on his steam punk and zombie bits. And a T&T Halloween special is coming together nicely. Various pulp stories, from Myth, Matt Franks (Dino), and myself, are ready to go up, with a wonderful cover from Billy Tacket. My mega-sphere fantasy piece New Khazan is very near the post production stage, enough to where I can read a novel or a comic book once in a while. Just working on the art means having beers and pub-grub with Widow-Maker (Michael Hartlieb) every other Sunday-- we take our Shepard's Pie very seriously. Now if only I could start getting Simon Tranter (Triton), Kevin Bracey (Quog) and Regis Moulun to get their foreigner butts (England, New Zealand, and France) out of bed early enough to start making these dinners. On top of all this, C-Crab, Pery, and Jason (the Fourth Jason!) have been keeping the chatrooms at the RPGBomb active with monthly SPACER games.

But it's getting time for some travel. And the events that I want to while traveling are starting to get scribbled on the backs of receipts in my wallet during lulls at work. Heck I am even dreaming about running in front of people.

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