Monday, August 01, 2011

One headlight

One more shift at work until Peryton and I drive off to Indianapolis for GenCon 2011. I really cannot say how much I enjoy this vacation. And this year, I swore things were going to easier for me while I am there, despite the fact that every year I run more and more events. But back in May I swore that I show up prepared, and up until tonight, I haven't been keeping my promise to myself. I knew this past weekend and Monday was going to be the clincher, the crunch, the... the test. And I passed it, with a "C" maybe a "B."

The scenario outlines are almost all completely done, so the typing since May has been helpful. And even the incomplete tales have the scoops, twists, bells and whistles all worked out in outline form with copious details. Of course when the plots hit the table, the players will be the ones who dictate how close things stay to my thread; which is the joy of role-playing, interactive parlor game that it is.The characters are complete for all six of the scenarios that I am running that should have pre-generated characters. And the character sheets for the other four are ready to go. And I even have a little LARP experiment worked out with Caed, my virtual sister, to spice up the Peryton clique's Friday night "Apocalypse All-Nighter."

Things are looking good.

And getting here hasn't been an easy path.
We've had to postpone the Elder Tunnels Summer 2011 issue because I couldn't finish my piece being so absorbed in my preparations for the event. And our kitchen sink's elbow has a hole, and we might have mice (despite seven cats). Two big convention friends JerryTel and Andre Kruppa have both canceled their appearances at GenCon, and these guys are at least as serious as I am about gaming. Existential angst and superstition are at the edges of my mind this week.

So tomorrow, I clean up the place for the house sitter, and pack before heading off to work a shift. And then on Wednesday AM, the dice are cast.

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Jerrytel said...

Have fun Tom - my house is almost put back together...should be living in it again by August 13