Tuesday, November 08, 2011

"We're All Mad Here." Carnage 2011: part 2

Thursday, 3. Nov (Continued)
When everyone finally was awake and refreshed, the PeryPubbers were in the car and rolling by around 9:30am. Everyone was having a good time as Mavis, o
ur car's GPS unit, navigated us through the Adirondack region of New York. I am sure everyone was more than happy to be educated on my thoughts of all the Amish living in the area as well, especially Pery as she needs to know more of my personal opinions everyday of her life. We were having a ball and discovering some parts of the world that I didn't think existed outside of the Ukraine, the Troika and various parts of outer Mongolia; gas stations where you didn't have to pre-pay.

Heading into Vermont, yes we found a way back to an interstate, despite Mavis's love of antique shops and dairy farms, we were treated to rough streets of Rutland and then into the Green Mountains. As often as I've driven the route, the only thing I noticed was signs of the flooding from Hurricane Irene and a definite lack of bathrooms. Monk and K Bell were eating it up with a spoon though. And soon enough, we were at the Lake Morey resort.

The first night, I intended to get my characters for my scenarios done, and I got as far as getting the character sheets photocopied. Then Thomas and Ben f
rom Schenectady and Dr. Nik dropped by, and we had a beer to dampen our throats filled with the dusts of the roads we travelled. And then Gaylord, Steve and about sixteen other Toms swung by, and I couldn't be rude and not have beers with them as well. Tyler even stopped by to discuss a little Dr. Who and Pery's little game spin-off.

Friday, 4. Nov.
By 2am, I had finished four out of 30 characters, was staggering drunk, but was stubbornly hanging out waiting for Pery to finish Andre Kruppa's CoC game. I stretched my arms and rubbed my eyes... Wallah it was 4:30am and I was waking up at an empty bar. To quote Monk, "the day could only go up from there."


Anat13 said...

Dang, I could have hung out with my awesome new pal on Thursday night too? Just think of the interesting offers I missed...

Tyler said...

If there's one thing I can do, it's hold forth on Doctor Who.

Christina Lea said...

I missed a Doctor Who conversation for a game where all my friends went crazy and blew me away? Dammit!

Tyler said...

Thursday's conversation was mostly in the vein of "You like that show, right? Robin's writing a thing based on it."

Saturday night, we had some good Who chat in the bar. You people off playing games; it's like you don't know the point of a game convention.

Christina Lea said...

Yeah, I know. I really need to straighten out my priorities.

Tom K. said...

Tyler I hate how accurate your memory is.