Monday, May 05, 2014

Cinco De Mayo

As we all know Cinco De Mayo is the Native America phrase meaning Walpurgisnacht (or was it May Day?), it is always a bit of fun to do something for. It's been a weekend of festivals around here. Free Comic Book Day is a big event in Cleveland, thanks to efforts of John and Carol of John and Carol's comic book store. And there was the Dazzle A District that was taking place downtown, which I think is tribute to the Berlin nightclub scene between the the wars. But we waited for today to step out.

Yes, yes, I know, the holiday is driven by alcohol distributors, unlike St Patrick's Day or New Year's Eve, but frankly I love the honesty. I don't even have to buy a card or toys or nothing so it can't be a real one. In any case, Peryton and I headed down to the Mexican Village in Parma, to celebrate a little with the only Spanish-speakers that we know that aren't from the Caribbean in Ohio. And true to form, the place was a little more crowded than usual though the night's festivities were no where near getting started.

Robin is the biggest source of light in this photo.
Our friends, The Carlos and Family, were jovial and spent a little time with us, though they were a bit in the grind of making money. To make up for it, the tequila shots were free. Pery even got over her recent extreme flare up of Marlene Dietrich Syndrome and smiled at living beings that weren't feline.

I wish more people took "food pics" like this.

Of course I got dressed up.

I was crazy before the whole crazy man in a hat fashion.

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