Saturday, August 08, 2015

It's Zak S Pundit's or Hillamena's Hobby, We just Live in It

A couple of you might've noticed already, but last Tuesday (Aug 4, 2015) I received a note from a dude, a Daniel Bently, commenting on a year-old blog entry ( July 31, 2014) of mine. I was sipping coffee as I read his vaguely put point that his blogs were being filled up with "he-said/she-said bullshit" (paraphrased for clarity) and mine should include "citations." It took me a couple seconds before I stopped reaching for my College English Composition textbook from 1986, which is luckily upstairs, to comply with his request. I realized that he was up to something, so I replied " From all 30 reads of this blog post since July 5th (2015)? Really?" Over the course of  the day, I could mostly find out what Bentley didn't actually say. It was all very passive-aggressive.

On the second morning, after I stated that Mr Bentley had an agenda for his reviving of the old blog post, Peryton informed me that Zak S's A Red and Pleasant Land did extremely well at GenCon's Ennie awards. Things clicked in my head. This explained to me why I was the asshole that made him search for my blog and post there, hence cluttering up his feed. Whether he had an agenda or is naturally a jerk ( IE someone who raises a hand to tell everyone that he doesn't know something), I don't really know.

So at this point in time, to balance the unbalance of the universe going on I suppose I should just mention David Hill and Filamena Young, or "Hillamena" as Peryton puts it. As Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have the equal mixture of looks as well as talent to be great artists, these two have the mixture of writing skill and connections to be the bell-ringers for what I am going to call "the Gamer Outrage Brigade." There that is done.

Just as I know that the Kurds as antagonistic towards the nation of Turkey as much as they are oppressed, I also know that the oppressed of the tabletop gaming industry are just as oppressive of other gamers. While many people still don't like homosexuals and still have very simplistic views of cultures not their own, there are just as many folk loudly trying to shame others for hygiene standards and the way that they speak. Big secret folks, role-playing in fantastic scenarios helps us overcome the need to be the oppressor or the bully.

Now John Tarnowski would turn this sort of rant into an awesome 25 page-long treatise. Zak S would disappear for six months to come out with rocking rebuttals towards the easily offended. I am frankly done here. Be nice or not, just let the shaming of people that disagree with you go though. It doesn't work, it only makes you look petty.

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