Saturday, August 07, 2021

The Deep South

 The really deep south is about being owed. Somehow folks working at convenience stores are subject to the temperamental whims of folks needing lottery tickets regardless of the labor demands for the industry-- at least in the minds of the lottery ticket buyers. But somehow, saying "Sir" or "Mam" in every sentence makes everything okay. Because those assholes are "southern" and that is because how they raised. It's about about being subservient to folks with cash willing to spend or something or another.

Now about the White Supremacist thing about the south, well it's done.  At least on a working class level, there is only distrust between Spanish-speakers and guys wearing Thor's Hammers as a necklace while hitting on 19 year-old women. No one over 24 years old likes like 19 y/o women nor their boyfriends. Wile the rest of us deal with reality.

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