Monday, April 27, 2009

It's been quiet. Maybe too quiet...

Well the Winter months are moving into Spring, and I am finally stirred to write something at my "official" blog. Not that I haven't been active on-line, but there are some many sites anymore to blog stuff, this area gets neglected. My internet presence is in a state of satiation from the semi-private Trollhalla, to the "gamer social network" of the RPGBomb, and our own Peryton forums, I rarely have any great promo-blurb or manifesto that must be written here. What with this abundance of creative "blurbing" (maybe "burbling" could actually work here) outlets, one has to compartmentalize things to not the same things everywhere-- I am sure that we've all met those types. In any case, if I wasn't stuck on the couch right now with a broken foot I might not even be writing this.

Working with Lucius, from our Games Day in Milwauke pretty much as Peryton Publishing's senior editor these days. Lad Hannes (OhBoy), has decided to move into formatting, when he's not too busy to even say "hi." The man is great to work with and wait until you see some of his fiction.

Speaking of which, Peryton Publishing will be coming out with a "Quarterly," with fiction and other fantasists material called the Chimaera probably by this fall. It will be including the various fictional works that we have been receiving but haven't exactly had the right project for it to come out in. Currently including the writing of Peryton, Lucious, Matt Franks (Angle), and hopefully a guy who writes about the 30th Century where dogs have taken over everything, I don't have his contact info handy right now. I really am not kidding about the last guy, for some reason I like his stuff, besides the fact that he is a pretty good writer.

Peryton and I went to BASHCon last Febuary and had a very great time. We met a few great guys and here's some pictures for you. Definitely are headed back there next year.
Well that's it for now. I'll stop getting so topical and get a couple manifestos out over the Summer.

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