Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Tale of Blue Foot

Oh gather around children and others, fore I will tell you the ghastly yarn of the ghost of a pirate named "Blue Foot." You see, the pirate, who actually wasn't a pirate, but a paramedic, but they both start with a "P" so it's okay, was cleaning and stocking his ambulance at the start of shift, when he stepped out of the side-door and landed wrong on his right foot. The whole world went purple for a second; and various homeless sorts, having heard a yell, came to investigate, to see this man getting up and and looking rather dismayed. An oxygen canister that he'd been carrying lay rolling back and forth at the bottom of the hill. Waving off any assistance, the man limped his way to retrieve the O2, as pirates, err paramedics are apt to call them things, with a really serious limp. Many hours later, it would be discovered that the man had broken his foot, and was cursed to spend eternity, or at least what feels like an eternity, with a blue foot.

Blue Foot could be heard at all hours of the night, hopping on his left leg into the kitchen for beers, or up the stairs to the townhouse's bathroom. And sometime just before the first light of dawn would appear, the "thumping" drag the blue foot would enter the young maiden, Peryton's bed chambers, and be heard plopping more so than falling, onto the other side of the mattress that she lay on. I am sure the neighbors were most annoyed, if not frightened, as all the floors are hard wood.

Blue Foot then altered his shape to where he limp along with a cane, and be seen in more than one dimension. Appearing as far away as Columbus, at something called the Multiple Alternate Realities Convention, or MARCon more appropriately. May 22nd through the 24th. Where he hung with all other sorts of strange paranormal abberations.

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