Wednesday, February 20, 2013

BASHCon 2013: Are the Mayans Dead Now?

The ride to BASHCon was a little hard on me. Both Peryton and Ken felt like being late for the final day of the convention, so I only worried about when we were going to be putting some gas in the car.

Before then, I was a little hungover on fun when I woke up. I am not certain of the time, but I stretched out for 40 minutes or so. And images of the BASHCon came rushing pass me.
There was Friday evening with Peryton (not pictured), G'noll, the Boy, Sigfried, Ken and myself.

Along with Jherri.

And Saturday went by in such a blur.

Getting to Jherri's "Darkshade Chronicles: Another Fine Mess" was a bit more fun for sure. I wasn't exactly ready for it. I was tired and kind of in a haze. But Sigfried poked me for a few minutes. Besides him, JerryTel and the Boy was there. As well as Gary, Peryton, and, introducing, The Girl.  Now the Girl, who proved to be very young for table-topping, actually hid one of JerryTel's best designed adventures for That Other Game ever. Really. I am suddenly trying to remember the previous games and come out with a "D&D PG13" campaign, with this one as the near climax. Really. It was that good of a game. And as for JerryTel's insecurities about his performance, everyone was amazed at how well he handled things.

Ken came over before he was driven to the airport so I insisted on a photo. And then as "Another Fine Mess" concluded I insisted on more.

Peryton and I drove home. This year's Hardee's lunch sucked, but onion rings were great. The house was cold upon our return, and I set about to write this blog entry.

This was my first vacation of the 2013 year. It was both humbling and awesome. I know about what most people can have and what any man can really do. And I have the most rewards that a hobby can grant to an individual. After this only law suits could justify any more fun.

Let's see what comes about with more special events at BASHCon.

After business expenses, I spent $1 for a personal victory lap. Thank one and all.


Jerrytel said...

Well done on all posts as always...Everytime I play T&T, I see what I love about it and what I still like better in TOG. Likewise when I play TOG, I see what I love about it and still see better things in T&T.

Maybe a Hybrid D&T game in the near future?

Dungeons and Trolls?

At any rate...many of these adventures I run as the PG-13 games are ones that I wrote many years ago (some as many as 15 years) and ran 1 or 2 times for different groups. I change things around a bit and things tend to work fairly well.

Thanks again for the kind words...

Tom K. said...

Well there is always the possibility of 7th World over the next year. We should get serious about what things we're thinking about.

If I remember correctly your D&D isn't any one edition of the game. What about writing them up in Pathfinder for release as singles at PeryPub?

Jerrytel said...

I can do that, or I can convert to T&T...

Christina Lea said...

Pathfinder? Pathfinder? You know we have a d20 variant of our own, right Tom?

Jerrytel said...

Qalidar/Peryton RPG it is :)