Monday, February 18, 2013

BASHCon 2013 pt 2: "The Only Game With an Attribute Without a Name"

Saturday morning, I rode into the convention with Sigfried. I had imposed a "Sleeping in at BASHCon" rule on Peryton and Ken a few months earlier. Knowing them as individuals, and for differing reasons, both of them coming in late to work at a convention would ' make my day a bit easier,' I had thought back in August. Well, they weren't exactly coming in late to work so to speak. Now, though, that things were rolling, a Saturday AM spent luxuriating wouldn't hurt either of them. And without having a booth to run, I had the morning free. And I happened to have a ticket for JerryTel's "T&T: Stay Alive "Out of the Frying Pan" worth $1 whole dollar burning a hole in my pocket.

JerryTel's still having fun with working out player-character generation for his horror rules. I think he's trying to it both realistic (as real as Art-Portraying-Life gets that is) and random. This year he let the players each roll a set of 8 unassigned stats and then the person across the table assign those stats. Sitting across from was G'noll. I assigned his Attributes as I saw fit, but in the "Occupation" slot I penciled in "porn film stunt man" before handing it back. During this time I got to know Mitch and Suzie from my area of Cleveland and also healthcare providers, like me. I hope to get to know them better, they jumped right into the game feet first and hit the ground running. Of course, I was kind of running rampant this AM so maybe they just coped _really_ well.

Shadows did appear just before noon. Those did not come from Ken and Peryton showing up all bright-eyed and bushy tailed. Nor while spending time with those two as well Sigfried, G'noll, and Mutant (John of "John and Alan from Michigan" in year's past), a bit of the ties that bind us started to set in. Ken was a bit out of sorts. Peryton was mildly bored though glowing. Back in August, Ken was supposed to be able to sell some hand-carried wares from the PeryPub table, and Pery was supposed to be running that table from noon until 8 on Saturday, and 10-4(?) the next day.  Peryton had only scheduled one game to run of her Peryton RPG and that was after 8pm. While at 5:17 pm the day before, I had daydreamed of bucolic scenes of the three of us watching the zombie walk-thru LARP "Eaten Alive"  and eating ice cream cones while kicking sun-drenched beach sand at each other, consensual reality had other ideas. It was snowing outside, I teased Ken saying, "You're in luck, we'll get at least an inch before you fly home!"

I was not able to secure any booth that a more established vendor that had not shown up had left vacant. My morning was not all flowers and zombie movie enacting. Even while goofing off,  I was trying to be a good group organizer as well.

Ken had an impromptu workshop meeting with a handful of the more thought-filled gamers of UofT, with G'noll and myself only walking in to bear witness. I had to show up, as I heard that everyone had thought the T&T game on Friday night, the night before, was supposed to have been ran by Ken. Much later, I stood up to go for some walking about. Before I could do anything,  G'noll leaned over. I thought he was going to chide to me about talking too much the couple of times that I did-- nothing to dispel the rumor about Friday night, mind you. But what he said was "Porn Star: the RPG With an Attribute that Cannot Have a Name."

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