Saturday, December 28, 2013

Elvis the Son Of Kronos

Here it is the season of Saturn and I am already behind. Well, as anyone might've noticed, I am always behind. And on thing that being a David Bowie fan has taught me is that making classics is easy, but making gems requires a special angle. As in 1996, when Ziggy Stardust was the memory of a torch song while the murder mystery surrounding Nathan Alder, presented on the album Outside, was revving up the "alternative" rock artists of the day, an author needs to know when to work with strengths not glory.

Well when I am not shooting glory straight into my vein (vain glorious), I happen to be typing up a couple bits of composition. 

And Spacers (TM) has turned into Spacers: Universe. I am at about 35 pages of alien species after a dozen pages of "ship rules." I am proud of my reconstructions of popular media science fiction. From Tom Corbin: Space Cadet to Far Scape,  I think my notes have helped me craft a pretty comprehensive sci-fi RPG.

For all the brevity, the next rendition of my "role-playing game for Spacers" has like 49 alien species, random world and inhabitant generators, as well as space-navigating battleships.

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