Saturday, May 31, 2014

Summer Seeding And Hopefully Sums Greater Than the Funds

Well May 27th was Peryton and my 10th anniversary, to celebrate she brought me 24 cans of cat food and a bag of litter, topping my special gift of single serving packages of Lorna Doons and Oreos which I swiped from work the day before. With that auspicious gift-giving, we mark the advent of the Summer season of travel, gaming, soccer, and partying in general. 2014 is going to be a low intensity, but high frequency sequence of events. Like flowers pollinating, not just us, feel the potential of the season ahead. Listing them would be boring. The season has started though, one can feel it.

Yesterday, JerryTel announced that Peryton Publishing GMs at GenCon this year will get tee-shirts for their help at GenCon, thanks to Peryton and Darkshade publishing outlets. He's lying. We knew nothing about it. That's kind of JerryTel's way of showing us, how much juice he has. Not just with the funding of the shirts, but with the insight at how to make the yearly big event more special special. It happened to be his birthday as well.

I am about to head to central Florida, the Tampa area, to attend Third Eye Games' home convention Salty Bay Con. I am looking forward to this convention. In its second year, I hope not only to see how young kids do things these days, I get to spend time with my family that has settled in the region. I am dreading the flight down, not a fear of flying thing, just a fear of seeing what the world of mass aviation looks like these days. That and strange viruses from the Middle East.

Today was our venture into the first annual Cleveland Concoction. The CLE "geek scene" is coming into its own, with the support of prominent regional conventioneers, creating a gathering for local fantasists to party and just appreciate being wonderful. It's a not a "tabletop gamers convention" yet though. Let me explain in a bit of detail. The reason I feel compelled to explain is that there is a difference between "medium" (sci-fi, speciic title fandoms, comic book, electronic games and say fantasy cinema gathers) conventions and "gamer" conventions, and its not a matter of size. While gaming can be incorporated into all of the gatherings mentioned, tabletop role-playing, heck tabletop gaming, is an after-thought. While we were there, the games in the Gaming Room had many entities awaiting potential players, while three tables filled up quickly with players who knew each other already. A couple staffers felt obligated to swing by and speak to the ignored event providers, of course being too busy to indulge in their burning desire to play, out outside of kids on a field trip from the conventions babysitting room anybody awake had other things to do elsewhere. Abstractly, if gaming isn't the focus at an event, showing up to show your game without a few of your friends already, it is going to the event is a nice day of making friends, or not, but no new interests.

Still, there is always next year.

The long and short of things, IT'S SUMMER!

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