Friday, January 02, 2015

Juvenile Thrills for the 50 Year-Old: The Suicide Squad

Once again I find myself hooked on yet another forthcoming movie, thanks to Ben Lathrop and the animated movie Batman: Assault on Arkham, and probably a pull campaign of a subsidiary of Warner Brothers Entertainment. Heck there's even been a cast announced in Variety for it. The movie based off of the Suicide Squad comic books. Like Aquaman, I never read the title beyond when I perusing a friend's more massive comic collection in the 80s, but I have some strong opinions about it.

 First off, the cast is all wrong. He's my dream Suicide Squad cast:

Dr Amanda Waller- CCH Pounder
Rick Flag- Joe McHale
Deadlock- Tim Oliphant
Enchantress- Pam Grier
Captain Boomerang-Sean Bean
Harlequin- Margot Robbie
(some hulky super-villain)- (some dude enhanced with CGI and a rubber suit)

With cameos with
Batman- Eric Bana
The Joker- Mathew McConaughey
The Penguin- Jason Alexander
Darkseid- Vinn Diesel

Wait until you see my plot.

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