Monday, January 12, 2015

When do bullets become criticism?

Je suis Charlie! ... really?
I could get hit by a bus tomorrow and still have to spend too much for healthcare. Islamofacists don't scare me.

Are you really?

Less than 40 minutes after the shootings of a bunch of cartoon-peddlers, a few in their 70s and 80s, and the ill-prepared cop assigned to provide security, people were talking about how provocative the cartoons of Charlie Hebdo were. NPR, the Economist, and the New York times a day later cited that they could not show the offensive cartoons out of fear of reprisal on their journalists, two seconds after proclaiming their undying guardianship of free speech. To reconcile these opposing ideas, I am provided with cartoons like this.

Cute and hopeful, but not really relevant to the story in strict journalistic terms.

 I've not noticed that the folks that think shooting unarmed people is kewl are deterred by folks being polite towards their feelings. I've noticed that those that promise to protect us have provided us with a damned-near police state. All the surveillance is great at providing cable news with stuff to fill the air after free citizens get killed and maimed. Those that try to lead us, haven't been particularly effective at deescalating the current "War of Cultures." That might have something to do with the fact that those we elect keep treating oil-rich nations as potential colonies.

It's pretty safe to say that I am down with the "Je suis Charlie" reaction to the slaying of a bunch of cartoonist. And godsheadness bless the mighty Parisians, some good, strong Western-cultured folk there. Cops tell them to hide indoors and cower like bitches, and, let's just say, they disagree and take to the streets. The last time a couple of idiots decided to teach the"unworthy infidels" that the West is, the Quran's words not mine, the bombing of the Boston Marathon, multiple cities' populations sat indoors for over 24 hours while cops and intelligence suits chased their tails-- a dude walked outside after the curfew was lifted and pointed the crossing guards of liberty to the fugitive in his backyard. Apparently those that give up security for liberty are security.

The true strength of "liberal values"... Everyone loves titillation

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