Saturday, April 18, 2015

"democrat"= Stunt Men and King of Siam

On the Daredevil series on Netflix and Hillary Clinton.

Netflix's Daredevil is definitely showing the producers of DC's mass audience "street level" TV (like Arrow and Gotham) shows how to make a street-level superhero . At the same time, the show where Marvel tends to be wrong about life, or in other words, wrong-minded.

Anybody else notice a lack of anybody making over 90K a year in this scene?
From the first episode, we, the viewers, learn that Matt Murdock is a dude that likes to get into fights. He happens to have been blinded in an accident involving toxic wastes. The chemicals are brushed aside to focus upon his family that is nominally Catholic but grossly dysfunctional to where the eleven year-old(?) kid knows how to apply sutures.  At least up to the seventh episode, we learn that Mister Murdock is a super physically-fit, a genius, and has superhuman abilities because he disabled. And Scott Glenn jumps in to show what dickish super ninjas all blind people really are around that particular episode. This is actually unlike every person that we actually have met that is legally blind , but who cares? I think the show is actually written by a machine using Blade the TV series algorithms.

Instead, we should be focusing on the evils of Mandarin-speaking old-women consorting with crude Russians, stylish Japanese, a dude that wears glasses and is good at math, and also polite hipster that also speaks Mandarin. These evil sorts don't seem to like actually fighting nor are particularly good at it. That an neurotic, overly intellectualized man who might, or might not, have testosterone issues, is their leader is not the least of the protagonists' problems. It's something about corrupt cops, peddling drugs, local TV, and prostitution all being a second evil compared to gentrifying a neighborhood.

Ignoring the rather exploitative mixed cliches going on here, I don't get Daredevil being anything but a block bully. He needs a fight, it isn't until the fourth episode of this show that the audience is given any sort of justification for his behavior, unless you count his unethical father finally deciding that he didn't like working for Italians. He uses the discomfort that the unfamiliar brings as his excuse for brutality and offers nothing but his "best friend" exemptions as the pay off for it.

For me, for all the confusion I felt watching Arrow and Gotham, I didn't feel so "nativistic" about the message being proclaimed while watching those shows. Dude, I already live in a depressed area, I read Spanish and have black friends, but the Russians, Asians, and rich people just don't scare me that much.

I am reminded of my picture when entering Army basic training.
And now for Hillary's fair shake.

I like voting. Better yet for most of the Democrat Party members (Lil' W apparently let it slip), I like voting to the "Left" of Republican. That said, I didn't vote for Barack Obama in 2008. While it is none of anybody's business who I voted for, please understand that it was still left of Republican. Perhaps I was making it too hard to re-enter the fold of the Two-Party system when Obama could not close down Guantanamo?

Okay Hillary Clinton has announced that she is running. Boringly, I am unsurprised. I keep hearing that news outlets that I have enjoyed listening to for decades are surprised at the announcement. I keep seeing advertisements of people oblivious to the news of the last fifteen years are living their lives and are also surprised by the announcement. So since Muslim terrorists haven't nuked Manhattan nor a black person isn't running for president, the electorate is supposed to have forgotten what is going on in the USA since 2001?

Oh give it break DNC. In 2003, Mrs. Clinton was flying around in a helicopter. These days, she's riding around in a minivan. Do you over-react much? She is still saying nothing to everybody and meaning what?

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