Friday, November 09, 2012

Carnage 2012, Pt 3: Surprises

The Weekend Is Going Too fast

Friday AM, I woke up too early and with a headache. I think most of it was Peryton's glowering stare after she heard about me being a jerk. And she reminded me, that I only died once in Andre's game. I had only been beaten down, drugged twice and had an overdose of sedative before I died the night before. I swear to godsheads that I was starting to feel like a Who song. So I started with the Dean Marten method of dealing with a hangover, which is scientifically proven, hair of the dog with as many apologies as required.

Monk and I bumped into David Crowell, Hrothgar, as my supply of beer was dwindling before noon and dragged him out of the door for a little fresh air, as we walked up to the store for more. We mostly enjoyed the morning air, really, and bought some room supplies as well as beer. Hroth was telling me about a game called Fate of the Norns that he was trying out. Little did we all suspect is that he'd probably be playing in every game that one get into at Carnage convention this year.

I walked in the front door and got a look from Nissi who was working when she saw the two six-packs I was carrying. I smiled and nodded. Those looks of hers would prove more than helpful later. Hey if I were a pagan, Bacchus would rule. I remember telling David, "It's Friday morning, and I am already thinking this con is too short."

My first game was at 1pm, and it was full. Steven Dresser, Lucas (from last year's "Castle of the Moth"), James Caprio, his betrothed Mary and a couple other new friends (Christine and Bob, I believe). I had two objectives with "The Bad Penny:" Get my TROTT system some play-testing, and make a straight Noir adventure. Now I asking me to do Noir is like asking a bear to live in the woods, and I think I got the basic tropes and plot devices right. The butler did it by the way. Rules-wise, I am really getting tired of explaining my rules, maybe I should stop writing them. Well here's to many more years of explaining them though. Better character sheets will help.

At dinner I ran into Peryton, with Andre, Ccrabb, Ben Osenfort, or Pretty Boy from here on, and the soon-to-be Caprios. Andre and I shared little jabs and pokes to show we still got along. But I knew he wasn't happy with me. I went to lay down, my head was hurting, as it should've been mind you.  I started getting texts from my Carnage son Zach. He seemed disconcerted as to where I was, I replied he then stopped messaging.

Making Space

I took Friday evening off of running to actually run in a game presented by someone that I haven't already gamed with. I chose TomM's Discworld scenario. I thought from all the gear and miniatures, maps and massive character portraits, it was a well-marketed game series, but no the guy put all this together through random fan memorabilia and his own game system. Pretty Boy was there, we've liked role-playing together since GenCon of this year. TomM gave him the secret mission of "keeping me under control," which is what I get for being That Guy once at a close-quarters convention. TomM's son was there as well, and another fellow. Dr. Watt, Tyler Dion, was there as well. And one other fellow, who did a great "Nobby." Ben and I played the least colorful characters of the game, but Pretty Boy was able to work in his sexual innuendo filled lines for everyone around the room. Dr. Watt did an assume Nathan from Metalocalypse for Igor, and TomM's son did a great Count Chocula/ Count Down. I am going to make more time for other people's games in the future thanks to TomM.

Afterwards, Zach found me and we caught up. We of course spent some time with Joe the bartender, Zach's Carnage Uncle, as I am his Carnage Father, of course. The Zach Pack, Heather, Derek and Patrick, listed in order of my notice showed up for my midnight game of "The Roll of the Dice."  An MSPE game. Well Jimmy, Dan Williams, didn't show up so none of wanted to play. Actually I am lying, I wanted to go hang, the RPG room was lonely.

Negative on the Fly-By, Space Boy

People were doing the post game cocktail hour, maybe three. My excuse that I was waiting for Peryton to come out of Andre's game. After a while Zach and I ran into Hrothgar and Pretty Boy. Over my shoulder I saw the back of Peryton's head sitting next just behind a booth wall and talking to Nissi. I excused myself, happy to see the old ball and chain out and about, and swooped in for a shoulder touch and kiss on the surprised cheek. Nissi's eyes widened as I on my bombing run.

Inches from grabbing a strange woman's bra strap and kissing her unknown face, I met Petra and her husband Scott. Rainbow Chick, a nickname given to Petra by Ccrabb some months before, looked surprised but not terribly bothered at my mug well within her personal space. To my own credit, I didn't go blank at the awkward moment either.

"You're not my wife." I said quickly. "Lovely hair." And I introduced myself quickly to Scott first and her. Not one to miss a beat, Petra became "my game wife" and Scott became Uncle Scotty.

Suddenly without warning, the bar closed. Not like it was 2am or something. Ben and I headed back to my room to pick up my beer supplies for the greater good of the party. I was speaking real loud as I opened the door and went straight to the refrigerator, Ben put his finger over his mouth. We had found Peryton, curled up in bed, really sleeping hard. Upon seeing her, I proceeded to ask 20 questions about her night.

"Do I really look like I want to have a conversation right about now?" Was her reply. Gotta love that woman.

The party ended up back in Andre's Billiard Room of Doom. Zach and I bid everyone adieu about 4am. The son I never had wanted to go sleep in his car, so I cop-wrestled him into our room to bunk with us. It was nice having family around.


Anat13 said...

Glad Ben found someone to control. Hope you had fun...

Tom K. said...

You know how slippery I get.

Jerrytel said...

I can take a shot at designing a character sheet for ya!

Anat13 said...

Not an image I wanted to have.

Tom K. said...

Jerry you're hired. I'll send you a scanned rough.

Unknown said...

I definitely need a better nickname