Friday, November 09, 2012

Carnage 2012, Pt 4: The Long Day

The Sun Also Rises

I was awake before Monk's little chime started to wake him up for his 8am game. It sounded a lot like Peryton's tablet whenever we get an email notification of sales, so at first I was thinking we were making massive sales just by being at the Carnage Convention. Sales did actually go up, just not at 7:15am. I was awake and there was nothing to do about it. So I got up, put Zach's boots in the bathroom (a little ripe), cracked the window, and went to breakfast.

Pretty Boy was at breakfast and complaining about being up already. I pointed out that I too was up and moving around the dining room as well, then let it drop. His pain was great and there was nothing anybody could say to calm him down. Luckily he slipped off, hopefully to go back to bed, halfway through my pancakes. After eating, I did a quick circuit of the resort to see if anybody was awake. Not many that I knew,  even the morning riser Dr. Nik. Finding only Tom Dorman, who was a bit busy with like that staff duties stuff, I returned to the room and forced myself to nap.

At just before noon I was up. Peryton was almost out of room. I tried to prompt her with "Let's go be among them." You know keep each other company for a bit. She found an excuse to duck into the bathroom, leaving me in the hallway for over five minutes. Hrothgar came out of his room, which was across the hall, and we decided to walk up to the store again. All my beer had holes in the bottles or something.

No one was waiting for me to run my second noir game "The Dead End" when I returned. Peryton was texting wondering where the hell I was, I wanted to reply "Not in the bathroom" but decided not to. So I started sitting in on other games for a few minutes to get a feel for the GMs and the systems that they were running. And then I started doing the photo-journalism thing, making a point to get pictures of every room I wandered into.

I found Peryton running her "Aqua Unit Patrol Squad 1: Black Stockings and Sippy Straws" BEAN scenario. Zach was playing as well as well as someone who seemed annoyed at me interrupting his enjoyment of Aqua Teen Hunger Force. Pery tried to guilt-trip into joining, but I was enjoying wandering too much.

And the wandering paid off. I ran into Ccrabb and family. Ccrabb's oldest was running a D&D game for kids her age. Christopher, my editor's husband was there as well, and I always enjoy seeing him. I don't get enough time with that man, but I've liked him from day one. She gets jealous of her time with me though. So Christopher was off to do something with the youngest, so I sat with her while she tried not to be nervous looking at the curtains of the private gaming room where her daughter was performing.

We should've been talking about PeryPub business but mostly we just talked. We alternated conversations with Dr Watt and then Gaylord, who came by after another kid's game was wrapping up.  And then dinner plans came up, before you knew it it was 4pm.

An hour before a proposed dinner out, I started preparing characters for the night's CoC game "Bigger Than a Breadbox" Rainbow Chick and Uncle Scotty came by as well, recounting their afternoon's game.  So of course, I wasn't able to get them done before the dinner bell rang and we caught a ride with Tyler to Leda's. I was carrying my CoC book with me and was thinking about carrying it into the restaurant just to finish up the last three characters. Peryton and Dr Watt muttered "Nerd" under their breath, so I left my unfinished task in the car. Good thing that I did, I got to know Eric and Patti Rutin, the Dr. Who Monster Family from now on.  I have to say this was the easiest Saturday night dinner run at Carnage that I have ever had. I was able to get back and finish the last three characters for the upcoming game, AND tend to an stubbed toe for Peryton-- she married me for infantry medic experiences.


Tyler said...

I must have missed that part of the conversation. How did the Rutins become the Doctor Who Monster Family?

Jerrytel said...

You should never attempt to understand how Tom's brain might cause more problems than it solves.

Tom K. said...

I'll let Robin explain it. You Dr. Who poser.

Christina Lea said...

I told Tom I remembered their name because of their long war with the Sontarans. It's probably spelled differently, but remember the creature from Horror of Fang Rock?

Tyler said...

The Rutans are legendary for their mastery of disguise, not so much creativity in pseudonyms.

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