Tuesday, October 13, 2020

The "Golden Age of TV" Lasted a Season

 The bad writing in the TV and Hollywood movies that we are seeing these days are due to producer decisions not a culture trying to represent its various ethnic segments in stories that sell to those various ethnic segments of any given population basis. Likewise, the bad writing in the TV and Hollywood movies that we are seeing these days are directly addressing social injustices are decisions made by producers wanting to make profits but not investing in creating culture. If you, drinking and smart analyzer of popular media, cringe when you see a child, a woman, or a man of color come up in the Brand Name TV show that you enjoyed as a child of not being born when it was released, it's not your fault.  And as well, if you as a social advocate view narrative fiction TV consumption as education, you are missing out on really informative stuff provided from else where. But truth be told, you're probably just perpetrating a fraud.

As for the white, racial purist on topics like the Marvel Comic take on Thor while not knowing exactly what to do with Captain America. Can you not find anything interesting to read?  There are about 1,700 authors of fantastic fiction that gets more than million sales upon any release. BUT you are fans of trademarks from the late 50s throughout the 80s. The world is meant to be yours, because you like did a web search back in 1997 or were born on the same day as well and have a white-minded penis. You read three comics on reprint and are now the shield maidens of Catholicism or something or another. And we both know, I am spinning.

Sales are marginal.

What WE not you and me? Notice how there is no separation between our demographics any more? So when you harp on about how media has disenfranchised your take on Captain Marvel because of your inherent manhood and genetic Catholicism you get Bree Marie as Kree-Purse One. That because, what is being viewed on your stream is provided by what I will call a box-lunch provider. You get the best and the "We" forget the rest. The rest might be really good, and you were out voted. You get what you get. The numbers decided that you wanted bullshit, and it worked at least in acceptable outcomes figured out.

I would go on about creative artists versus brand names, but it's hopeless right now. The creatives I am finding are all about stealing and/or selling out.

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